How to Pay
We use a cash on delivery system. Please pay by placing your money in the basket provided.
All of our grilled meals are served on a skewer. Please let us know if you would like take out.


Braised beef with tofu is simmered softly in the style of Sukiyaki, with a soy sauce and sugar mix.

All of the meat that we use at our store come fresh directly from Shibaura meat market. We serve the freshest meat in Japan: we think you'll enjoy it!

※ Grilled pork giblets in which each piece of pork is skewered separately and cooked is among the finest of Tokyo foods. You can enjoy our grilled pork giblets with either salt or sauce.
※ Our braised dish with beef giblets and vegetables is slowly stewed in a seasoned miso soup.



■Grilled giblets on a skewer
Chef’s choice: 5 skewers
Chef’s choice: 5 skewers ride leek salt
Chicken liver
Chicken heart
Skirt steak
Premium cartilage
Pork rib
Grilled chicken with green onion
Chicken thigh garlic
Chicken skin
Chicken meat balls with original sauce
Stewed beef giblets with miso (Limited avaliability)
Grilled leek
Grilled leek tongue salt (by 2)
Grilled leek chicken heart salt (by 2)
Grilled leek Chicken liver salt (by 2)
■From Shibaura, Tsukiji market
Basashi/raw Horse meat sashimi (Skirt steak)
Senmaisashi/ raw Beef omasum sashimi
Gatusashi/ raw Pork guts sashimi
Tuna in chunks
Octopus in chunks
Assorted tuna & octopus

Oden is a dish in which a variety of ingredients such as tofu, eggs, white radish, fried fish paste, and potatoes are boiled together in a large pot of seasoned fish broth. Hot mustard is served as a condiment.

Chef’s choice: 5 medium
Chef’s choice: 3 small
Fishpaste cake
Devil's tongue
Chikuwabu/ flour paste cake in the form of a tube
Fish paste balls (by 2)
Hampen/fish minced and steamed
Cabbage roll
White radish
Ganmodoki/ deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables
Fermented bean curd
■Braised foods
Braised giblets
Braised beef with tofu
■ A la carte
Potato salad
Original lightly-pickled vegetables
Cold tomato
Japanese-style omelette
Tofu served cold with assorted relishes
Whitebait with grated Japanese radish
Salt-cured squid
Pickled shallot
Seasoned onion slice
Ham cabbage (Mayonnaise)
Assorted cheese
Cucumber with miso paste
Ham cutlet
Fried potato
Rice ball (Salmon)